Lubrite® is the World's Most Experienced
Self-Lubricating Bearing

When Lubrite® bearings were introduced in 1897 they were the first permanent self-lubricated bearings in the world. As time passed, they were found to be ideal for a wide variety of applications, and especially well suited to heavy-duty applications such as the trunnion bearings found in the gates of hydroelectric plants. From that point Lubrite® Technologies quickly expanded to many other areas where the need existed for supporting heavy and medium loads at slow-to-medium speeds. The permanent self-lubricating nature of Lubrite® bearings also contributed to this early growth by eliminating the need for bearing maintenance, a very desirable feature in applications where bearings were located in difficult or impossible to reach locations.

Today, Lubrite® bearings can be found in bridges, offshore equipment, hydroelectric installations, nuclear power plants, buildings, mass transportation vehicles, heavy industrial equipment, process plant machinery, and marine vessels, to name just a few.

Lubrite® bearings are at work at the
12,600 mw Itaipu Dam in Brazil.

Lubrite® bearings are at work in the
Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Lubrite® bearings can be found in
nuclear power plants, where long
term, trouble free performance
is a must.

Lubrite® bearings feature:

  • Complete self lubrication
  • Capacity to carry extremely heavy dynamic and static loads
  • Elimination of supplementary lubrication
  • Ability to operate dry or wet
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Elimination of maintenance
  • Prevention of galling, scoring and seizing
  • High and low-temperature operation
  • Design that prevents foreign matter contamination of bearing surfaces
  • Choice of lubricant and bearing materials to minimize corrosion in hostile environments.


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