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Welcome to the home page of US Bronze Foundry & Machine, Inc., the technological leader in bronze, and other non-ferrous metals. Metallurgical research, design of molds and castings, automated process control of sand handling, mold making, pouring and machining, and quality assurance sustain that leadership. Our Foundry utilizes over 90 years of experience with Non-Ferrous metallurgy, especially with highly leaded bronzes. This coupled with in-house machining, enables us to provide you with a finished part, especially designed for your business needs.

Non-Ferrous Casting and Machining Capabilities

At US Bronze Foundry & Machine, Inc., we specialize in large sand and centrifugal castings. We can pour and machine all bronze alloys. Our foundry pours high quality centrifugal castings to an outside diameter of 124" (3.150 M), enabling us to produce the finest quality materials for the mining and refining industries. The casting weight limit for our shop is 35,000 pounds (15890 kg) and castings with outside diameters of 144"(3.658 M) or less are machined in-house. Our machine shop is also capable of performing all secondary operations so that we may provide you with a complete, sound and exact finished casting.

U.S. Bronze Foundry
"Tiger Bronze"

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